The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

This book is about the dangerous and funny adventures in Africa. You will go to Savannah together with the main hero Jack. He is twelve years boy and he lives there with his parents and an older sister with her husband. You will know a lot about such great animals as giraffes and about their behavior. You’ll love a handsome baby giraffe Spotty and his brave and wise mother. Together with Jack, you’ll worry about giraffes and will try to save them from angry man Bill. Let us not judge too harshly Bill. He loves his wife so much and always wants her dreams come true and does everything for it, even if it’s evil things! One day his wife Jill wanted to have a pet giraffe. So Bill decided to catch the animal in the grasslands, despite the fact that it is illegal.

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The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

‘Here I am! Here I am!’ thinks Spotty, a small handsome baby giraffe. Mother is looking at him and listening to him. Of course, he can’t talk, but she understands his every word.

‘Who are you?’ Spotty asks.

‘I’m your mum,’ she answers.

‘My mum?’ he asks. ‘Who is mum?’

‘Mum is your good friend. Mum is always with you. And you are Spotty, my son.’

‘Oh, great!’ Spotty says and smiles to Mother.

‘How are you?’ Mother asks.

‘I’m hungry,’ Spotty answers.

The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

            ‘Don’t worry. I’m not only your friend. I’m your dining room, too. I’ve got a lot of nice milk for you. Stand under me and drink,’ she says. Spotty drinks and drinks. The milk is warm and tasty. And it never ends. Now he isn’t hungry anymore.

Mother opens her mouth, and Spotty can see a long thick thing inside.

‘What’s that?’ he asks.

‘It’s my tongue,’ Mother answers. ‘Why is it so long?’

‘Because we are giraffes. I think only giraffes have got very long tongues!’ Mother says.

‘Are there many giraffes, or are there only you and me?’ Spotty asks.

Mother smiles. ‘Of course, there are a lot of giraffes. Soon we can visit them. But now I must teach you to walk and run.’

Spotty gets up and starts walking.

‘What a clever baby I have got!’ Mother laughs. ‘Now try to run.’ Spotty tries but falls down. ‘I’ve got too many legs,’ he says. ‘They can’t run all together.’

‘Then tell them to run in turn,’ says Mother. ‘First your left legs run, then your right ones.’

‘Which of them are left?’ Spotty asks.

‘Can you hear a strange beat inside your body?’

Spotty listens. ‘Yes, it’s here.’…

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