The American West by Clemen D. B. Gina

The American West by Clemen D. B. Gina

How did the history of America begin? Did it start from the settlers who came to the Indian tribes? No, everything started much earlier. The Indians arrived from another land about 40 000 years ago! They crossed the sea and settled in America. The contacts with more civilized nations brought Indians weapons, new knowledge about agriculture and a lot of dangerous diseases from which the entire tribes died. Immerse yourself in this interesting time and learn more than can be seen in the films about the Wild West. In reality, everything was much more complicated. Find out the names of the most famous Indian leaders and ancient explorers, learn more about the key moments that have changed the history of the whole world.

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The American West by Clemen D. B. Gina

The American Indians came from Asia about 40,000 years ago! They crossed the Bering Strait. Then they went down to North and South America. About 20 million Indians lived in America when the first explorers arrived. These Indians lived in many different tribes. Every tribe had a chief.

The Indians and the explorers were friends. The Indians taught the explorers how to grow corn, potatoes and tobacco. They taught them how to travel by canoe in the wilderness.

The explorers brought the Indians rifles, tools, cattle and horses. The explorers also brought illnesses. Many Indians died from these illnesses.

The Indians of the Plains were expert hunters. They rode fast horses. They hunted the buffalo with bows and arrows or rifles.

These Indians followed the buffalo across the Plains. They used the buffalo for food, clothes and tepees.

The American West by Clemen D. B. Gina

The other American Indians were farmers. They farmed, fished and hunted small animals.

These native Americans were happy people. They were strong, healthy and courageous. They loved and respected nature.

After many years, more new settlers and explorers went to America. They wanted to go to the West. They wanted to live there. They took the land from the Indians. The Indians were very angry and the Indian Wars started. Many people were killed.

The Indians lost their land and their way of life. They went to live on reservations…

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