The Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont

The Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont

It’s a charming fairy-tale for the little ones. Once upon a time in the city by the sea lived a rich merchant with his big falimy. He had three sons and three daughters. One of the children, daughter Beauty, was very special. She had a kind heart and was so beautiful, that everybody loved her. One day when merchant went back home across the forest the weather got worse and he had lost his way. Suddenly the man had found a castle and hoped for survive there. The castle was empty, but he had found there a food, warm bed and clothes. The next day, when the weather got better, old merchant went out to the garden and took one most beautiful rose for his Beauty. It was a terrible mistake because it angered the owner of this castle. Now old man had to pay by his death.

The Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont

A rich man lives in a big city near the sea. He has got three daughters and three sons.

One daughter is called ‘Beauty’ because she is very beautiful. The other two daughters are called Rosalind and Hortensia. They are lazy and unfriendly. They like going out and having fun. They both want to find a rich husband. They do not like Beauty because she is beautiful.

Beauty has got long red hair. She is kind and friendly. She likes staying at home and reading books. She also likes playing the piano.

Beauty’s father is a merchant. One day he loses all his money because his ship is lost at sea.

‘My dear children,’ he says sadly, ‘I haven’t got much money. We’re poor. We must leave this big house and go and live in the country.’

‘Oh, dear!’ say the two sisters. ‘We’re poor – this is terrible!’

The Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont

‘What bad luck!’ say the three brothers.

‘We have to work now,’ says Beauty’s father.

‘Work?’ say the two sisters. ‘No, we don’t want to work! And we don’t want to live in the country.’ They start to cry.

Beauty is sad but she says, ‘Let’s not cry! We can work and be happy without money.’

The family goes to the country and lives in a small house. Beauty gets up at four o’clock every morning to clean the house and cook. Then she washes the family’s clothes in the river. The three brothers work in the country.

Rosalind and Hortensia do not work. They do nothing all day. They sleep all morning and walk in the woods in the afternoon.

‘I’m unhappy,’ says Rosalind. ‘I don’t like the country because there’s nothing to do.’

‘We can’t go to the theatre and wear nice clothes,’ says Hortensia. ‘And we haven’t got any friends.’

‘Look at Beauty,’ says Rosalind angrily. ‘She works and she’s happy in this terrible place.’

Beauty’s father says, ‘Dear Beauty, you work a lot and you’re always happy. You’re a wonderful daughter…

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