The Book of Houghts by Frank Brennan

The Book of Houghts by Frank Brennan

On this day, Chester felt much even more tired than on any other day before. These eight hours in the office took a lot of energy. Chester is one of the junior managers in the large company in Singapore. This is a good position, but it includes a lot of extra work, small assignments and tasks. Other employees did not like him, as Chester recently graduated from the university and immediately started working in a good position. Many others have worked for years without any promotions. He understood this and did not take offense at the ironic smiles and small jokes. But it did not make life easier. He needed reliable colleagues. He wanted to be sure that the personal dislikes of these people would not hinder his work. Chester was very well aware that without reliable subordinates he would never get promoted.

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The Book of Houghts by Frank Brennan

Chester was feeling more tired than usual after a hard day at the office. He had joined the company only two years before. He had come straight from university then, but now he was a junior manager in one of the biggest companies in Singapore. It was an important position to have and meant lots of extra work.

The Book of Houghts by Frank Brennan

He could understand the jealousy that some of the other workers might feel against the ‘new boy’, as they still called him. He had risen quickly in the company. Many of them, however, had been there for years doing the same jobs. He could understand how bad feeling towards him might lie hidden behind their smiles.

But it didn’t make life any easier.

He needed people whose advice he could trust when he had to make difficult decisions. He had to be sure that the bad feelings of the other workers didn’t get in the way of the important business decisions he had to make. He knew he would never become a manager unless he could be sure of people.

Then there was Dorothy.

Chester was fairly sure of his own good looks. He was dark and slim and dressed smartly, but with an eye to fashion. He was a confident speaker and believed himself to be a sociable and effective junior manager.

But when it came to Dorothy his judgement disappeared. Dorothy was a bright girl who had just joined the company, straight from university. He was attracted at once by her intelligent eyes, her shy, pretty face and her soft, round figure.

Ah, Dorothy!

Take today, for example. He had been given some new figures to check and he had asked Dorothy to read some of the details to him while he took notes. It was not until she had left that he realised that he had not written notes at all. Instead he had written Dorothy’s name several times. He was too embarrassed to ask Dorothy for the details again, so he had to look them up in the office of old Mr Shaw…

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