The Brisingamen Necklace by Chris Rose

The Brisingamen Necklace by Chris Rose

Freya was the most beautiful out of all the gods and goddesses in Asgrad. She was tall and stately with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was a good woman. Still Freya had one fault – greed. She loved not food or weapon, but adored jewelry: pearls, gold, precious stones, rings and necklaces. The goddess had a lot of jewels. Despite this, she always wanted more. Her wish for these precious things turned into an obsession. She had the largest collection in Asgard. But those jewels from other worlds were an enormous temptation for her. Freya loved travelling to Midgard in search of countless new bracelets and necklaces. One day, Loki put on his cloak that made him invisible and followed the goddess to play another joke on her.

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The Brisingamen Necklace by Chris Rose

Freyja was the most beautiful of all the gods and goddesses. She was very tall, with long, blonde hair and big, blue eyes. She was the goddess of love and beauty. People in the Viking world thought that Freyja helped their flowers and plants to grow in the summer.

Freyja was a good woman, but she had one problem – she was very greedy. She was not greedy for food, but for beautiful objects. She loved diamonds and pearls – all types of jewels. She loved rings and necklaces – all types of jewellery. Freyja loved anything gold or silver. She had hundreds of gold necklaces and diamond rings, but she always wanted more.

Freyja had all of the most beautiful jewellery in Asgard, but she knew that in the other worlds there was more jewellery. Sometimes she visited Midgard to see if the humans who lived there had any beautiful jewellery for her.

The Brisingamen Necklace by Chris Rose

‘More, more, more!’ she thought one day. ‘I’m going to go down to Midgard, to see if there’s more jewellery for me!’

But Loki – who knew everything about all the gods and goddesses – was watching her. ‘I know what Freyja is doing,’ he thought. ‘She’s going down to Midgard to see if there’s any beautiful jewellery for her there.’

Loki decided to put on his magic cloak and follow her to Midgard. When Loki put on his magic cloak he was invisible. No one could see him, not even another god. ‘Perhaps I can play a trick on her!’ he thought.

Freyja went out and crossed the Bifrost bridge into Midgard. She looked around all the towns and cities in Midgard, but she did not find anything she liked.

All the time, Loki was following her in his magic cloak, but she did not know.

‘How disappointing!’ thought Freyja. ‘It’s very late now – but… there’s somewhere else I can go…’

Loki was interested. ‘Where is Freyja going now?’ he thought. ‘It’s dark, and everyone is asleep.’

Freyja walked and walked and walked. Loki followed her for a long way. She went away from all of the human towns and cities in Midgard, until she arrived in Svartalfheim, the place where the dark elves lived.

The dark elves were famous because they were very good at making swords and axes. They also made very beautiful jewellery. Freyja loved the dark elves’ jewellery, but she did not like the dark elves. The dark elves were very greedy people. They were even more greedy than Freyja. The dark elves always wanted money, lots of money…

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