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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer created this book in 1387. At that time the religion was the most important thing for European people. It was very popular to go on pilgrimages. It means travelling to famous Christian cities to be near to God. People said their prayers and asked for well-being or repented about something and supplicated for help. A group of people went on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, a town in England. Their aim was Canterbury Cathedral. At the beginning of their journey one member of the group suggested a game to entertain everybody. All of them had to tell one story. The best story would win a prize at the end of the journey. Everyone had something he wanted to share. The stories were very different. You’ll hear much interesting from a Knight, a Clerk, a Merchant, a Franklin and a Pardoner.

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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

It’s a beautiful day! The weather is good. The birds are singing. The grass is green, and there are flowers everywhere. Now, my story can begin. My name’s Geoffrey. And today, I’m going on a pilgrimage to Canterbury. I’m going to Canterbury with a group of people. We’re going there together. I met these people yesterday, at an inn, in London.

I arrived at the inn in the afternoon. I was very tired, and hungry. ‘Good afternoon!’ I said to the man who worked at the inn. He was the innkeeper. ‘I’d like a room for the night. I’m going to Canterbury tomorrow. The road to Canterbury is long. I need to sleep well before I start.’

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

‘Good afternoon,’ said the innkeeper. ‘Do you know that some other people are going to Canterbury tomorrow? They’re staying here tonight.’

‘I’d like to meet them,’ I said to the Innkeeper.

In the evening, I met the other people. The inn was big and there was a lot of good food and drink. Everybody had dinner together. And the innkeeper gave good food to everybody. The innkeeper was a nice person. He was a very big man and he enjoyed speaking to people. He was very good at his job. Everybody enjoyed their dinner.

After dinner, the innkeeper spoke to the group. ‘You’re a very nice group of people,’ he said. ‘I know that God will listen to your prayers. You’re all going to the same place. So, you must go to Canterbury together. What do you think?’

‘Yes, we can go together!’ I said.

‘And I want to go to Canterbury with you,’ said the innkeeper. ‘Now, we have to travel for a long time. And I think we can do something interesting. We can play a game. What do you think?’

‘Yes!’ said everybody in the group. ‘Tell us about this game.’

‘Now, listen to what I have to say,’ said the innkeeper. ‘We’ll go to Canterbury together. And every person will tell a story. I’ll listen to every story then I’ll tell you which story is the best.’ Everybody in the group wanted to play this game. ‘Very well,’ said the innkeeper. ‘And I will give something to the person who tells the best story. That person will have dinner at my inn. And I’ll pay for the dinner.’

The people in the group were very happy. And they began to think of what story to tell. In the group there was a Knight. Everybody liked him. And he was always happy to help people. He was an important man, but his clothes were cheap. His horse was fast, but it was small…

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