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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

France 1815, Napoleon in exile. The ship named Pharaon came home to Marseilles without a Capitan. When the Capitan died during the travelling, Edmond Dantes, a young First Officer replaced him. Edmond was a brave and a clever young man so when he unexpectedly received a letter from Napoleon he agreed to bring the secret paper to Paris. The ship owner had liked Dantes’s work as a Capitan when his ship successfully returned home, so he proposed him to be a new Capitan at new sailing that was planned on next month. During month of awaiting oncoming Capitan were going to marry a beautiful girl Mercedes and went to Paris to hand the letter. The bright and happy future were waiting for the sailor. However, Dantes’s colleague, who wanted his woman and his position on the ship, broke everything.

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

On 24th February 1815 the ship Pharaoh came in to Marseilles. A man on the shore jumped into a boat and went out to the ship.

A young man, about twenty years old, looked over the side of the ship. He seemed to be the captain. He was the type of man who meets danger without fear.

‘Oh! Is it you, Dantes?’ cried the man in the boat. ‘What has happened?’

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

‘A very sad thing, Mr Morrel,’ replied the young man. ‘When our ship was near Civitavecchia, we lost our brave Captain Leclerc.’

He turned to his men and gave a quick order. Then he turned again to Morrel. The Pharaoh was Morrel’s ship, and Edmond Dantes was First Officer.

‘We will all die one day, Edmond,’ said Morrel. ‘The goods-?’

‘They are safe, Mr Morrel. Now, come on board. Here is Danglars. He does all the buying and selling. I must look after my ship.’

Morrel climbed quickly onto the ship and met Danglars. Danglars was about twenty-five years old. Nobody on the Pharaoh liked him.

‘Well, Mr Morrel,’ said Danglars. ‘You heard about the sad death of Captain Leclerc?’

‘Yes. He was a brave and good man.’

‘And a good seaman. He was old and wise, a good ship’s captain for Morrel and Son,’ replied Danglars.

‘A young man can be a good captain, too,’ Morrel said. ‘Look at our friend Edmond. He works well.’

‘Yes,’ said Danglars. He looked at Dantes. He did not like him. ‘Yes, he is young and he is very sure of himself. When the captain died, we had to take orders from him. And as a result, we lost a day and a half at the island of Elba. We needed to come straight to Marseilles.’

‘He has to take the captain’s place,’ said Morrel. ‘He is the First Officer. But it was wrong to stop at Elba. Was the ship unsafe? Did you need to work on it?’

‘There was nothing wrong with the ship. We stopped at Elba and went on shore. It was a holiday, not work!’…

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