The Curse of the Black Pearl by Irene Trimble

The Curse of the Black Pearl by Irene Trimble

The big black pirate ship sailed in the Caribbean sea. There were ghostly pirates in it. They had never left their ship because of the curse. It was just a sailor’s story, wasn’t it? One little rich girl stood on the big ship owned her father and sang a song which called the pirates. Twelve-year-old Elizabeth Swann dreamt to meet them. In that day the Dauntless ship got out from the dark water a boy. His name was Will Turner and when he was asleep Elizabeth had taken from his shirt a gold medallion with a skull and crossbones. The big black ship with the same skull and crossbones on it was sailing past them at that moment. She understood that boy was a pirate. Elizabeth was very afraid, but she hid the medallion under her dress and kept this secret for eight years.

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The Curse of the Black Pearl by Irene Trimble

Sailors tell a story about a big, black pirate ship. They see it sometimes when the fog is thick. The ghostly pirates on the black ship can never leave it because the ship carries a curse.

But this is only a story. There aren’t really any ghosts. Or are there?

            The Curse of the Black Pearl by Irene Trimble

            The Dauntless sailed slowly through the thick fog. It was a big ship, and it carried fifty guns and a hundred strong men.

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth Swann stood at the front of the ship. She was on her way to Port Royal in Jamaica. Her father was the new governor there.

“I’d like to meet a pirate,” she thought. She remembered an old song:

“Yo ho, уо ho, a pirate’s life for me,

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life…”

Suddenly, a sailor called to her.

“Quiet, Miss!” he said. “Pirates sail this ocean. You don’t want to call them to us.”

“Mr. Gibbs!” Captain Norrington shouted at the old sailor. “Don’t be afraid,” he said to Elizabeth. “There aren’t any pirates here today….

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