The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

The narrator has receives an odd letter from an old friend, Roderick Usher, requesting his presence. The contents of the letter revealed that Usher is suffering from numerous illnesses, both mental and physical. Roderick Usher and his twin sister Madeline are the last two Ushers in a long line of Ushers whose family tree has never branched. The phrase “House of Usher” refers to both the house and the family. Roderick excitedly welcomes the narrator. They are talking. The narrator learns that Roderick’s sister is near death. The narrator has been spending several days attempting to cheer up Roderick, but it is unable. Roderick suggested that this house is making him sick, something which the narrator has already suspected.

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The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

It was late autumn. The weather was wet and the wind had blown all the leaves from the trees. I was riding my horse across the wet, empty land. I was traveling alone. I was going toward a dark and strange house-the House of Usher.

Why had I come to this lonely place? I knew Roderick Usher-the owner of the house. We were old friends, but we had not met for many years. A few weeks ago, I had received a letter from Roderick.

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

I am ill-very ill. Please come and visit me. I am going mad! I want your help. We have been friends since we were boys. Please come!

Roderick Usher

I had been riding all day and it was now late. The pale sun was low in the sky when I arrived at the House of Usher.

A large lake of black water surrounded the house. I stopped by the lake and looked at the house. Roderick Usher’s house was a large black building. Its many windows were like empty eyes. Suddenly, I felt cold…and a little afraid.

In front of me, a narrow road went across a bridge toward the house. I walked my horse along the narrow road until I reached the walls of the house.

I knocked on the front door and a servant opened it. He took my horse to a stable. Then he led me inside the house.

We climbed many stairs to his master’s room. Lamps burned along the walls, but they gave little light. The long corridors and stairways were full of dark shadows.

The servant opened a big, wooden door and I looked inside a large room.

At first, I did not recognise the man who was lying on a sofa. Then I saw that it was Roderick Usher. My friend had changed! He looked pale and ill. We were the same age, but he looked much older than me. His hair was silver-gray, and as soft as the web of a spider. I thought that Roderick was asleep because his eyes were closed. But as I entered the room, he sat up. Then he opened his eyes. They shone strangely in the weak light from the lamps.

I walked toward him.

“Welcome, my oldest and dearest friend!” he said…

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