The Final Problem by Conan Doyle

The Final Problem by Conan Doyle

Holmes worked for the French government so Dr. Watson saw less and less of his friend. One fine evening Sherlock Holmes managed to visit his precious friend. Holmes told Watson about one criminal world genius, who created a powerful criminal network throughout London. It was James Moriarty, a famous professor from London. It was a gifted man with phenomenal mathematical abilities. An insidious teacher developed criminal schemes but no one could prove the guilt of this clever mathematician. Sherlock Holmes firmly decided to end the monstrous plans of Moriarty. In response, the professor threatened his rival. In case of his death, Moriarty promised to take Holmes with him. The detective strongly refused to back off.

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The Final Problem by Conan Doyle

Almost two years have passed since that terrible day. I never wanted to speak about it again but I feel it is my responsibility to describe the events leading up to it. A certain Colonel Moriarty, brother of Professor James Moriarty, is responsible for rumours and lies about the character of my dear friend Sherlock Holmes that I will not repeat here. I am the only one who knows what happened between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty and it is time that the world knew the truth.

I still visited 221B Baker Street from time to time when Holmes wanted a companion to help with his investigations, but not as often as before. In the final year of my visits Holmes spent more and more time alone. The mystery he was trying to solve occupied a lot of his time but he wouldn’t speak about it, not even to me.

One day, in early spring, I received a letter from France.

The Final Problem by Conan Doyle

Dear Watson,

I am working in France for the French Government on an important matter that will take me many months to solve. The weather is good but the food is not so good. I hope all is well with the surgery.

I will write again soon.

Sherlock Holmes

From the letter it seemed clear that I would not see him for some time, so you can imagine my surprise when only a month later he appeared at the window of my surgery. He looked pale and very worried. He entered at a door around the side.

‘I know what you’re thinking,’ he said before I could speak. ‘I look terrible.’

I watched as Holmes went around the room making sure all the windows were locked. He closed the blinds.

‘Holmes, what’s the matter?’ I asked.

‘Air guns,’ he replied.

‘Air guns?’

‘I think you know me by now,’ he continued. ‘I am not a nervous man but there’s a difference between stupidity and courage, and when someone is trying to kill me… I don’t want them to have a clear shot through your windows. Do you have anything to drink?’….






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