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The Fisherman and His Soul by Oscar Wilde

When you fall in love, you could lose your mind. This a little tale about the most important. A young fisherman went into the sea for fishing every day. Sometimes his catch was good, sometimes bad. One day he caught a sleeping mermaid in his net. When she woke up, she cried and told to the fisherman that her father is a King of the Sea and asked him to let her go. The fisherman agreed, but in exchange for freedom, the mermaid had to come to him when he ask her and to sing songs for a good fishing. She did it every day and fisherman had good catch. Day by day, the young man fell in love with her more and more. Eventually he proposed a marriage for a marine beauty. She agreed, but with the one condition, he had to send away his soul…

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The Fisherman and His Soul by Oscar Wilde

Every evening the fisherman went out fishing. He sometimes sold his fish at the market. Sometimes he did not catch many fish and he could not sell them.

One evening his net was very heavy. He laughed and said, ‘Did I catch all the fish in the sea? Or did I catch some horrible monster? I will give it to the Queen. She will be happy.’

He pulled and pulled the heavy net. Finally, he pulled the net next to the boat.

But there were no fish in it and there was no monster. There was only a little mermaid. She was asleep.

Her hair was yellow like gold; her body was white like ivory; her tail like silver and pearl; and her ears like seashells.

She was very beautiful. The fisherman pulled the net closer to the boat. He embraced her. When he touched her, she screamed.

She could not escape so she began to cry and said, ‘Please let me go. I am the only daughter of a King of the Sea. My father is very old and alone.’

But the fisherman answered her, ‘I will let you go, but you must make me a promise. I will call you and you will come and sing to me. The fish love the songs of the people of the sea. You will sing and my nets will be full.’

The Fisherman and His Soul by Oscar Wilde

‘I promise. Please let me go,’ cried the mermaid.

‘Yes, I will let you go,’ said the fisherman. So she promised him and he let her go. She went back into the sea and trembled. She felt a strange fear.

Every evening the young fisherman went fishing and called the mermaid. She came and sang to him. The dolphins swam round and round her. The seagulls were in the sky above her head.

She sang a marvellous song of the tritons, the men with long green beards.

She sang of the gardens of the sea with their corals. Here the fish swim like silver birds.

She sang of the big whales from the cold north seas, and of the dead sailors in their ships at the bottom of the sea.

She sang of the little children. They ride on the backs of the dolphins and laugh.

When she sang the tuna fish came to listen to her. The young fisherman then caught many of them.

When his boat was full of fish, the mermaid smiled at him and swam away.

But she never came near him. When he tried to catch her, she went into the water like a seal. Each day her voice became sweeter to his ears. Soon he forgot his nets and listened to her song. He listened to her until the moon came….

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