The Ghosts of Izieu by James Watson

The Ghosts of Izieu by James Watson

The young English girl Elise was spending her holidays in France. She was very annoyed by her father’s new wife. She felt tedium in the hot and dusty French countryside. Elise’s father wanted her to share his interest in the local history. But his daughter was not very excited by his enthusiastic ideas. Later she started to see children’s ghosts from another time. Elise met a strange boy Stefan. This boy seemed to be very afraid of something in the town. One day she tried to hide from the heat in a cool local church and got into the past. There she found Jewish children who had been trying to hide from Gestapo. What can a little girl do to help the poor Jewish children escape from Gestapo? At the same time, Elise must stay alive.

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The Ghosts of Izieu by James Watson

‘She didn’t want to come, Steve,’ said Carol. ‘And now she says that she can see ghosts.’ She looked out of the window on to the war memorial in the village square. Everything was silent. Her new husband called it ‘a dusty French silence’. Carol called it a dusty hot French silence. It was only April, but it was almost too hot to move.

‘I’ve tried very hard,’ Carol continued. ‘But she refuses to be my friend.’

‘Ghosts?’ asked Steve. He was here to rest after a heart attack. Already he was tired of healthy food, no long walks, no heavy drinking and no smoking.

‘What sort of ghosts?’

The Ghosts of Izieu by James Watson

‘Oh, I didn’t ask,’ said Carol. ‘Ghosts are ghosts.’

‘We’ll just have to be patient with her,’ replied Steve.

‘But it’s three years since her mother left you.’

Steve answered her with a sad smile. ‘Perhaps Elise isn’t happy with you. But that doesn’t mean that she’s happy with her Mum. Things will get better.’

‘You always say that,’ said Carol. ‘The girl hates me.’

‘She’s sixteen, Carol,’ Steve said, ‘She’s unhappy. You’re new in our lives, and she’s not sure about you.’

‘When I look at her, she jumps,’ said Carol. ‘When I come into the room, she leaves it.’

It was very nice to be in love, Carol decided. But it was different being married and a stepmother. She picked up her bag of drawing and painting things.

‘I’m going out to paint.’

Steve smiled at her. ‘Don’t get too friendly with any ghosts!’ He tried to put his arm round her, but she pushed him away.

‘Didn’t I do that when I joined this family?’ she said.

Elise woke up – and there again was the same image, in the same place. It was exactly the same as yesterday morning.

‘It’s the light,’ she thought. Grey light came from between the bedroom curtains, like the light of an old black and white film. In it she could see boys and girls in coats. They were carrying packages, and some had bags over their shoulders. And was that an army lorry?…

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