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The Golden Stone Saga I by Jenny Dooley

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The Golden Stone Saga I by Jenny Dooley

William Goldstone was not the most sociable boy. He never seemed to have as many friends as the other children in his school, and as he wasn’t really keen on sport, he spent most of his spare time watching videos and playing with his electronic games.

His parents had decided to leave him with his grandfather for a week. As Grandfather Howard lived in a mountain cabin, they thought that William might find interest in the countryside, rather than watching more TV. So Howard had taken him on several walks through the forest, and the two of them had spent many hours fishing in a nearby river where William managed to catch a few fish.

Snow had been falling for the past two days, and Howard helped his grandson build a family of snowmen. They were rather small because there hadn’t been much snow. However, they would soon see a lot more.

The Golden Stone Saga I by Jenny Dooley


“What is it, William?”

“What time will they get here?”

“Well, if they left on time, I’d say around seven o’clock. Mind you, the weather has become much worse…”

“How can it be ‘worse’? I think it’s great! Anyway, I thought you liked the snow.”

“Of course I do. Though not as much as I did when I was your age.”

“Do you want to go outside and build another snowman?”

“Not right now. And neither do you. It’ll be getting dark soon, and a lot colder as well.”

“But I’m leaving tomorrow, and we never see snow like this at home. Can’t I build just one more?”

“I’ll tell you what. When your parents arrive, I’ll suggest that you all stay here for the night. Then you can build your snowman in the morning when the snow has settled.”

“Great! With all the snow that’s falling now, it’ll be ten times as big as the others!”

“So what do you want to do in the meantime, William?”

“Let’s see what’s on TV!”

William turned on the TV and began watching one of his favourite series, while Howard stared out into the night, worried that his daughter and her husband might be caught in the snowstorm. All of a sudden, the TV picture disappeared and the lamplight faded, leaving the roaring log fire to continue making shadows by itself…

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