The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

This book includes two stories written by the famous Irish author Oscar Wilde. Both tales are about kindness and self-sacrifice. The first story takes us to a big city. In the middle of the city, there is a statue of the Happy Prince. He is made of gold and decorated with some precious stones. He always looks happy. But in reality, he has a reason to be sad. The Prince asks a little Swallow for help. The Swallow faces a difficult choice, as his friends are waiting for him in Egypt. A Giant is the main character of the second story. He is the owner of a beautiful garden. The Giant is very selfish and he does not allow children to play near his house. That is why Spring never comes to his garden. Only one little boy manages to melt the Selfish Giant’s heart and return beauty to the garden.

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The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

On a tall column in the city there is a statue of the Happy Prince. He is covered with gold. He has two blue sapphires for eyes. On his sword there is a big red ruby. He is very beautiful.

Everyone in the city likes the statue of the Happy Prince.

‘Look at the Happy Prince,’ says a mother to her little boy. ‘He never cries. He is always happy.’

One night a little Swallow flies over the city. His friends are in Egypt and he wants to go there too. He sees the statue on the tall column.

‘Oh, what a beautiful statue! I have a golden bedroom. I can sleep here, near the Prince’s feet,’ he says to himself. He puts his head under his wing. Suddenly a big drop of water falls on him. Then another drop falls.

‘How strange! There aren’t any clouds in the sky. But it’s raining!’

Another drop falls and the Swallow looks up. The Happy Prince is crying. There are tears on his golden face. His face is very beautiful. The little Swallow is sad.

‘Who are you?’ he asks.

‘I am the Happy Prince.’

‘Why are you crying?’ asks the Swallow.

The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

‘The people in the city call me the Happy Prince. In the castle I was happy. Everything there was beautiful. But now I am on this high column and I can see all the misery of my city.

My heart is made of metal but I cry.

‘Look over there! There is a poor house. One of the windows is open. I can see a woman. She is very poor. There is a boy in bed. He is not well. He wants some oranges. His mother has nothing to give him except water. He is crying. Swallow, little Swallow, can you take her the ruby from my sword?’

‘I must go to Egypt,’ says the Swallow. ‘My friends are there. They fly up and down the Nile river. They talk to the flowers. They sleep in the tomb of the great King.’

‘Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow,’ says the Prince, ‘can you stay with me for one night and be my messenger? The boy is very ill and his mother is very sad.’

The Happy Prince is sad. The little Swallow is sorry. ‘It is very cold here,’ he says, ‘but I can stay with you for one night and be your messenger.’…

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