The Last Unicorn by Gammack J. E.

The Last Unicorn by Gammack J. E.

This unbelievable story happened to little Megan on a famous Scottish island Skye with a shape of a butterfly. This place has an old history, beautiful nature and varied fauna. Megan had to leave London with its traffic and noise according to the prescription of her mother’s doctor. She had been a lonely child. Megan had spent six months in London and hadn’t found any friends. Other girls from her school hated her and sent disgusting messages. And now she came to this marvelous island where her uncle lived. On the way to her uncle Megan saw a unicorn which disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Perhaps this trip won’t be so sad and frustrating as she had imagined before? Will she be able to find something special for herself?

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The Last Unicorn by Gammack J. E.

I pulled the curtains open and looked down at the street. It was hot, too hot for London in the middle of July and I was angry. I closed the curtains and returned to my mother’s room. She lay in bed and I could hear her breathing. She looked so thin and I sat next to her and held her hand.

‘I’m not going,’ I said. ‘You can’t send me away.’ I looked at my mother and her face was white like the sheets and pillowcases.

‘It’s only for a month, until I feel a little better, my darling,’ she said. ‘Then you can come home.’

Doctor Barns stood on the other side of the bed. ‘Has Megan got any friends?’ he asked Mrs Brown, our home help.

Mrs Brown shook her head. ‘Megan doesn’t have any friends,’ I heard her whisper. ‘She’s a strange child.’

The Last Unicorn by Gammack J. E.

Friends! Of course I didn’t have any friends. We moved to this part of London six months ago and my new school was horrible. Mother didn’t know. I didn’t tell her about the bullies and the nasty text messages.

Doctor Barns put his glasses on. I could see that he didn’t know what to do. We needed a miracle. ‘Your mother is very unwell Megan,’ he said. ‘She needs to rest and you can’t stay here for the summer holidays.’

I don’t want to leave you, mum. You want to send me to the Highlands of Scotland to stay with Uncle Fraser, but I hate the countryside.’ I stood up and looked at the doctor. ‘I’m not going and you can’t make me go!’

But Doctor Barns could make me go… and he did.

I watched the country side change through the window of the train as we travelled into Scotland. I could see fields, dry stone walls and lots of sheep, but where were the people?

Mrs Wallace, a friend of Doctor Barns, was with me. She wanted to chat, but I didn’t. ‘The Isle of Skye is beautiful. The air is so fresh,’ she said.

I hate fresh air. I like the air in London,’ I said. Mrs Wallace sighed and opened her book.

We changed trains and the next one was very old. A man sat singing quietly in the corner. He had a long white beard.

In another corner there was a woman with a basket of chickens. I looked at these people. I came from a different world. In my world there were shops, people and traffic.

We caught the ferry at Mallaig. The wind blew my long dark hair and my pale blue eyes searched the island for people, but it looked so quiet…

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