The Mummy by David Levithan

The Mummy by David Levithan

Dramatic events of this story took place three thousand years ago in city of Thebes. All this had happened when a pharaoh Sati had been murdered. His woman has betrayed him with his High Priest of the Dead named Imhotep. The pharaoh had caught the lovers, so Anck-su-namun was afraid that he could kill them both. So she decided to kill him first, so she has knifed him with Imhotep’s help. When they heard Sati’s guards were coming, Anck-su-namun pushed the knife into her own stomach and said to Imhotep to bring her back to life later. She knew that he could do it. Woman was dying with thought that her man would do everything to see her again. Who knows how much strong he tried to revive her but it wasn’t enough…

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The Mummy by David Levithan

Thebes, Egypt, 1290 BC

Thebes was the city of Imhotep, the High Priest of the Dead. It was also the city of Anck-su-namun. Anck-su-namun was the Pharaoh’s lover. But she loved Imhotep.

Imhotep walked into her bedroom and took the beautiful woman in his arms.

“My love for you is more important than life,” he said.

The Mummy by David Levithan

Outside the bedroom door, Imhoteps priests watched. But when Pharaoh Seti the First of Egypt walked in, they couldn’t stop him.

Imhotep quickly ran into the next room. Pharaoh Seti heard something, but he didn’t see him.

“Who was here?” Seti asked Anck-su-namun. “I know somebody was here, in your bedroom.”

And then, the Pharaoh looked into the next room.

“Imhotep!” he said. “My High Priest!”

Anck-su-namun looked at Imhotep. They had to kill the Pharaoh before the Pharaoh and his soldiers killed them. Anck-su-namun took her knife and pushed it hard into the Pharaoh’s back. The Pharaoh’s eyes opened wide. Then, Imhotep took the Pharaoh’s sword and killed him.

They heard something outside. The Pharaoh’s soldiers – the Med-Jai – were there. But Imhotep’s priests came in first. They took the Pharaoh’s sword from Imhotep’s hand.

“Come with us,” the priests said to him. “Quick.” They pulled him away from his lover.

“No!” said Imhotep. “I will stay with Anck-su-namun.”

“Please go,” said Anck-su-namun. “Please live. They will kill me, but you can bring me back to life. Only you, the High Priest, can do it.”

The priests took Imhotep with them. The Pharaoh’s soldiers ran in. Anck-su-namun didn’t say goodbye to Imhotep; there wasn’t time. She took the Pharaoh’s sword and pushed it into her heart.

Imhotep saw her die.


The Pharaoh’s soldiers found Anck-su-namun’s knife in the Pharaoh’s back. But they didn’t find Imhotep in her room. So Imhotep, the High Priest, had to send his lover – the killer of the Pharaoh – to the underworld….

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