The Murder of Mary Jones by Tim Vicary

The Murder of Mary Jones by Tim Vicary

The courtroom is full of people. Everybody gathered for the sake of today’s court case. Two young men Dan Smith and Simon Clark get up from the dock. The clerk strictly looks at them and asks: “Who killed Mary Jones?” They said: “We are not guilty. We did not do it.” But this can be a lie. There is a possibility these young men are real killers. The police officers found a murder weapon in the stolen car. Later they found some traces of blood on Simon’s head. If the jury decides they are guilty – Dan and Simon will be sentenced to prison up to a lot of years. Will the lawyers be able save young people and find out the truth? Each present man in that building also wants to know about the murder of that poor woman. The reader can learn everything too.

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The Murder of Mary Jones by Tim Vicary

The jury, the lawyers, and the clerk of the court come in and sit down. Then Simon Clark and Dan Smith come in with the two policemen. The judge comes in and everyone stands up. The judge walks to his chair, looks at everybody slowly, and then sits down. The people and the lawyers sit down. Simon and Dan, the two policemen, and the clerk are standing up.

CLERK: Simon Clark, you are here because of the murder of Mary Jones. Did you kill her, or not?

SIMON: No, sir. I didn’t.

CLERK: And you, Dan Smith? Did you kill Mary Jones?

DAN: No, sir. I didn’t. I’m not guilty!

SIMON: We didn’t kill her!

CLERK: All right. Sit down. (They sit.)

Ms WILLS: (Standing up) My lord, I am Helen Wills, the lawyer for the police. David Carter is the lawyer for Simon Clark and Dan Smith.

JUDGE: Very good. Please begin, Ms Wills.

Ms WILLS: Thank you, my lord. Members of the jury, look at the photo, please. There is a girl in the photo with a young man. She is Mary Jones, and he is Jim Wilson, Mary’s boyfriend. (The jury look at the photo.) JUDGE: Ms Wills, I haven’t got that photo.

CLERK: Oh, I’m sorry, my lord. Here you are. He gives the judge a photo.

JUDGE: Thank you. Please go on, Ms Wills. Ms WILLS: On 12 August, Mary was in a disco in Trenton with Jim. At midnight, she started to walk home along the road by the sea, and someone killed her.

The Murder of Mary Jones by Tim Vicary

Now, please look at the second photo.

JUDGE: Excuse me, Ms Wills. (He holds up a photo.) This photo? The photo of a dead girl?

Ms WILLS: Yes, my lord, that’s right. I’m sorry, it isn’t a very nice photo. But that is Mary Jones, too.

There is blood on her head and face.

JUDGE: Yes, I see. Did someone find her there, that night?

Ms WILLS: Yes, my lord. Jim Wilson found her body on the beach near the road at about half past twelve. He tried to help her, but he couldn’t.

Mary Jones was dead…

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