The Rajah’s Diamond by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Rajah's Diamond by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sir Thomas started his career in India. He did some secret favor for Rajar of Kashgar. In acknowledgment Rajah presented Thomas a valuable thing – his famous diamond. In his homeland this English soldier became one of the most richest and famous people. After returning to England he married to a rich and noble woman. Harry Hartley was a sixteen-year-old orphan and worked as a private secretary for Sir Thomas. This work was no pleasure. His master was a difficult person. He always shouted and was angry with Harry. Unlike Sir Thomas his wife Lady Vandeleur was kind and friendly. The young servant often carried out many different private errands for her. Unfortunately, the next errand led Harry to the bad consequences.

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The Rajah’s Diamond by Robert Louis Stevenson

Harry Hartley was a kind, shy young man. Until his sixteenth birthday, he received the education most English gentlemen get. Harry did not like studying very much, so he was allowed to finish his education before most young men do. However, Harry loved music and he could sing and play the piano well.

These talents, and a bit of luck, helped Harry to find a job when his parents died just two years after he finished school. That was how Harry Hartley began a new life as private secretary to Major-General Sir Thomas Vandeleur.

The Rajah's Diamond by Robert Louis Stevenson

When he was young, Sir Thomas Vandeleur was a soldier in India. He was poor when he left England, but he made a good career for himself working for the Rajah of Kashgar. When Sir Thomas returned to England, he had with him one of the largest diamonds in the world. This was known as the Rajah’s Diamond. The Rajah of Kashgar gave this wonderful diamond to Sir Thomas to thank him for something he did for the Rajah.

Nobody knew exactly what Sir Thomas did to get the famous diamond, but the diamond made him one of the richest and most important men in England. In his new life he was always invited to exclusive parties. Soon he was married to one of the richest and most beautiful women in England.

But for Harry life was not so pleasant in the Vandeleur household. Sir Thomas was a very difficult man to live with and Harry did not really like working for him. Sir Thomas was often angry and shouted at Harry. But Sir Thomas’s wife, Lady Vandeleur, liked Harry very much and treated him like a son. Harry liked Lady Vandeleur too, and he was happy to do different jobs for her. Most days she gave Harry some money and sent him to different expensive shops to buy her hats or other things she wanted.

Early one morning Harry was in the living room, and he could hear the conversation Lady Vandeleur was having with her brother Charlie Pendragon. Charlie was a lazy young man. ‘It must happen today – or never!’ said Lady Vandeleur to her brother.

Oh, Clara, he replied, ‘I know it must happen today, but it is such a bad thing to do.’

‘Don’t be silly, Charlie!’ said Lady Vandeleur. ‘Remember what I always say: The family before all… and Clara before the family…

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