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The Real Aunt Molli by Frank Brennan

Aunt Molly was a very kind person. All her relatives loved this woman. She was not very smart or successful, but her gentle nature made her very pleasant. This woman’s life turned into grief when her lovely husband died. His name was Dalton, but Molly affectionately called him Dally. As a child Molly was very poor. Her parents passed away when she was small. The girl did not have any opportunity to go to school or at least – to learn to read correctly. But, despite this, she still was kind and never complained, though she needed to do the hardest work to get money for food. She worked as a cleaner in many places. Molly met her future husband at work – when she was cleaning the station. Dally was a bus driver, and he noticed young Molly. It was love at first sight. As soon as they met – they fell in love with each other.

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The Real Aunt Molli by Frank Brennan

My Aunt Molly is the kindest, sweetest person on earth. She may not be the cleverest woman in the world, but I love her a lot. However, a strange thing happened to Aunt Molly and now we don’t know what to do.

It all started when her husband, Uncle Dalton, died. Well, I called him Uncle Dalton but she always called him ‘Dally’. He was my mother’s only brother. Aunt Molly really loved him, we all knew that.

The Real Aunt Molli by Frank Brennan

Life had been quite difficult for Aunt Molly when she was a child. She was poor and her parents had died early on. She was left to look after herself. She had never learned to read properly and left school at an early age. But she was always cheerful and honest and never complained about the hard work she did to earn her living. She worked as a cleaner wherever there was work to do. She liked cleaning because she didn’t have to make any difficult decisions. Aunt Molly didn’t like making decisions. Perhaps she wasn’t used to it. I don’t know. But everybody liked her and she was never out of work.

She met Uncle Dalton when she was working as a cleaner at the bus station. He was a bus driver and it was when he had just finished for the day that he first saw her cleaning the station office. He fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. It was the same for Aunt Molly. As soon as their eyes met it was love for both of them. He soon grew to love her gentleness and she loved his kind heart and willingness to make decisions.

They got married two weeks later.

A year after that she gave birth to twin boys. They were my cousins and their names were Winston and Clement. I was born in the same year two months later. I was called Rufus. I still am. Anyway, Uncle Dalton got a better job at die bus station soon afterwards, and they bought a house near us.

Aunt Molly and Uncle Dalton had a happy marriage. Uncle Dalton earned the money and Aunt Molly cooked, cleaned and made the house a wonderful home for her dear Dally and the boys.

It would not be quite right to say that Aunt Molly actually ran the house. In fact, all the big decisions were left to Uncle Dalton. But she made sure that everything went smoothly. Everybody was happy. I was happy, too, because I liked to play with my cousins. I also looked forward to the delicious home-made biscuits Aunt Molly always gave me.

My cousins and I were five years old when Uncle Dalton was run over by a bus at the station. It was an accident. Uncle Dalton didn’t know what hit him and he was killed immediately. Well, I suppose he guessed it was a bus, but I don’t think he had much time to think it over, if you see what I mean. Anyway, he was dead…

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