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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber

Corrected version This story became widely known after its adaptation in movie. The literary original itself was written a long time ago. The protagonist of the story is Walter. He has a boring and ordinary life, like hundreds of thousands of other people. Walter goes to work he doesn’t like; the weekend goes fast. The only feature of this person is a rich imagination. In his fantasies, he is transported far from the annoying routine. He becomes a fearless traveler, astronaut or real Casanova. In dreams, Walter achieves everything he wants. In real life he is in love with his colleague, but he cannot tell her about it. Soon something happens and changes Walter’s monotonous life. He will have to go on a long journey not in his fantasies, but in reality.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber

“We’re going through!” the captain shouted.

His voice sounded like ice breaking. He was wearing a dark blue uniform, and his navy hat was pulled down over one of his cold gray eyes.

The younger officer sitting next to him, Lieutenant Berg, was frightened.

“We cannot make it, sir,” he said. “We are flying into a terrible storm.”

“Turn on engine number eight,” the captain said.

“Turn on engine number eight!” Lieutenent Berg shouted.

“Full power in number three,” the captain ordered.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber

“Full power in number three,” Lieutenant Berg yelled.

The other navy men in the huge eight-engine sea plane smiled at each other. “Captain Mitty will get us thru,” they said. “He is not afraid of anything…”

“Stop driving so fast!” Mrs. Mitty yelled.

Walter Mitty blinked his eyes, “What?” he said, as he looked at his wife sitting next to him in the car. The huge navy sea plane caught in a terrible storm, began to disappear from his mind.

“You are driving too fast! You are going fifty-five miles an hour,” Mrs. Mitty complained. “You know I don’t like to go faster than forty.”

Walter Mitty was silent as he drove toward the town of Waterberry.

Mrs. Mitty looked at her husband. “You’re acting strange again. I wish you would let Dr. Renshaw examine you.”

Walter Mitty stopped the car in front of the building where his wife had her hair washed and curled. She opened the car door and turned to her husband, “Remember to get those rubber boots while I’m having my hair done.”

“I don’t need rubber boots,” Walter Mitty said.

“You’ re not a young man anymore,” his wife said as she got out of the car.

Walter Mitty stared out the car window. He started the car engine again and drove toward the public garage where he always parked his car.

On the way to the garage he passed a hospital…

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