The Sharcks Were Hungry by D. Catrille

The Sharcks Were Hungry by D. Catrille

It was a good day. John decided that now he could definitely go home. It was the best day in recent years for Dr. Perry. He was extremely pleased. John’s bag was filled with a huge variety of seashells. There was enough material to study for months. John took his bag and sat on the reef that connected the mainland with the island. The man wanted to watch the sunset. It was a very beautiful sight, which was worth a few valuable minutes. After that he went to the shore. It was quickly becoming dark around, and John went faster. The next minute he fell. There was water all around. It covered him over his head. He could not understand where he was and what was happening. It was difficult, but John finally managed to climb onto the sand.

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The Sharcks Were Hungry by D. Catrille

Doctor John Perry decided it was time to go home. It had been a perfect day, a day alone, the first such day in many years. He had filled his bag with all sorts of sea-shells – enough to study for months.

He picked up his bag of shells and walked toward the edge of the island. He came to the sand reef that connected the island and the shore of the mainland. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the sunset on the ocean water. Then he began to walk along the sand reef toward the shore.

The Sharcks Were Hungry by D. Catrille

The gray colors of evening were beginning to spread across the ocean and the sand. He hurried on. Then, suddenly, he stepped into the water. Before he knew what had happened he dropped down and down. The water was covering his head. He rose to the top of the water struggling to get back on to the dry sand. He felt the water rushing about him. Somehow, he got on to the sand and sat down, wet and surprised at his sudden drop.

He heard the water still rushing about. Then he saw a long gray shark. He stood up and looked around. He saw the shark swim toward the shore and then he saw other sharks. Five – six – seven of them. But where was the sand reef? What had happened to it?

He began to walk back toward the island. While he had searched for shells on the island the strong ocean waves had washed a large part of the sand reef away. There was nothing between him and the shore but water… and sharks.

He did not know much about sharks but he was a good swimmer. He looked at the shore which was now almost black against the red sky. He could swim, but what about the sharks? Do they attack in the night? He tried to remember what he had read about sharks. Did sharks find their food by smelling it? If they did it meant they looked for food at all times, even during the night.

He decided not to swim to shore; it was too dark and he wanted to see the enemy if he was to fight it. He looked around for his bag of shells and found it a few meters away. He pulled the bag on to some dry sand, then sat down next to it.

The wind was warm. The stars began to show. The moon rose. The water looked peaceful and quiet and yellow in the moonlight.

The gentle noises of night soon made him sleep but not for long. Host of the night he lay down and looked. up at the stars, thinking. He thought of wood for a fire, wood to signal for help. But there was no wood. He thought of the sharks. Would they go away during the night? At last, he thought of sleep. It came at last. He slept until the sun rose…

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