The Sign Of Four by Conan Doyle

The Sign Of Four by Conan Doyle

A young lady named Mary Morstan came to consult Holmes upon a case which she is assure is very unusual. Miss Morstan’s father has been disappeared several years previously under suspicious circumstances. He had obtained twelve months leave from his Indian regiment and asked her to meet him at his hotel. Whilst the hotel confirmed that he has been staying there and they informed Miss Morstan that he had gone out and not returned. Enquiries at the time have produced no result. A few years after this disappearance have appeared an advertisement in a paper asking for Miss Morstan to reveal her address. Upon the advice of her employer she has done it and the same day she has received a valuable pearl in the post. Since she has been receiving one pearl a year for the last six years. Miss Morstan has now received a letter which urges her to meet with the sender that night. The anonymous sender permitted her to bring two friends but they wouldn’t be policemen.

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The Sign Of Four by Conan Doyle

For many years, I shared an apartment in London with my friend, Sherlock Holmes.

My name is Doctor Watson. I worked as a doctor in the British Army for several years. While I was in the army, I travelled to many strange and interesting places. I had many exciting adventures.

Then one day, in Afghanistan, I was shot in the shoulder. My wound was deep and took many months to heal. I nearly died from pain and fever. At last I got better, but I could not work in the army any more. I retired from the army and came back to England.

The Sign Of Four by Conan Doyle

That is why I was living in London with Sherlock Holmes. I had known my friend for many years. Our address was 221B Baker Street, in the centre of the city.

I enjoyed sharing an apartment with Holmes. My friend was a very clever man. He was the most famous private detective in London. He helped to solve crimes and catch criminals.

When people were in trouble or needed help, they came to Holmes. Sometimes the police came to Holmes and asked for help in catching a criminal.

Sherlock Holmes did not care if his clients were rich or poor. He enjoyed solving their interesting problems. He was very happy when he was working. It was the most important thing in his life.

One afternoon, I was reading a book and Holmes was standing by the window in our sitting-room. Usually he was very busy and active. But this afternoon he did not seem very happy. I was worried about my friend.

‘What’s the matter with you today, Holmes?’ I asked.

‘Come and stand at the window, Watson,’ Holmes said. Look out into the street. See how uninteresting London is today.’

It was winter. The street outside was almost empty. Everyone was at home in front of their warm fires.

‘I need some work, Watson,’ said Holmes impatiently. ‘I cannot live without interesting problems and mysteries. That’s why I became a private detective. I love my work. It keeps my brain active. But when there are no crimes and no mysteries to solve – ah, then life becomes very boring for me…

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