The Snow Goose by Gallico Paul

The Snow Goose by Gallico Paul

Very often God gives a man a nice appearance. But the man’s heart becomes coarse apart of this generous gift. Beauty is not the same as inner world. An external ugliness can hide a heart, which holds love to the whole world without any borders. The author of this story introduces such a human to us. His name is Phillip. He has a hunchback with mutilated limbs. The man lives in a quite location. He is an artist. He paints the pictures of nature. Especially he likes painting birds. He learned all of them. Phillip lives in a lighthouse and he often chases down the hunters, who are looking for the birds. The local people are not very fond of Phillip because of his ugliness. But he is said to be a good healer. One day somebody knocked on his door. There was a girl covered with blood. She was holding an injured goose in her hands.

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The Snow Goose by Gallico Paul

Women turned their eyes away when they saw him.

So they never learned that he was a lover of all living things.

The Great Marsh lies on the Essex coast, between the villages of Chelmbury and Wickaeldroth.

It is one of the last wild and lonely places in England. Nobody lives there. The only sounds are the cries of the many birds that make their homes in the marsh. It is a long, low, flat land of grass and water. Greys and blues and soft greens are the colours. But sometimes, when the sun goes down, the sky and land are a wonderful red and gold.

The Snow Goose by Gallico Paul

In the spring of 1930, a man bought some land and an old, empty lighthouse standing at the mouth of the little river Aelder. The man’s name was Philip Rhayader. He lived and worked alone at the lighthouse all through the year. He was a painter, and he painted pictures of the birds and the marsh.

Philip lived at the lighthouse because he wanted to live alone. Every two weeks he went to the village of Chelmbury for the food and other things that he needed. When the villagers first saw the strange shape of his body and his dark, bearded face, they were a little afraid of him. They spoke of him as ‘that strange painter-man from the lighthouse’. But slowly, as time passed, they learned to accept his strange ways.

Philip was a hunchback. His left arm was weak and thin and twisted, and his left hand looked like a bird’s foot. He was twenty-seven when he came to the lighthouse on the Great Marsh.

He lived in many places before he came there. He always tried hard to make friends with the people that he met. But other people did not want to be friends with Philip. His twisted body made them uncomfortable. Women turned their eyes away when they saw him. So they never learned that he was a gentle man and a lover of all living things.

Philip did not hate these people. His heart was too full of love; he could only feel sadness for them.

He spent time with his birds and his paintings. He owned a sailing boat and he could sail very well in it. He sailed up and down the rivers, and sometimes out to sea. Often he went away for many days. He looked for different birds to draw and photograph, and then to paint…

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