The Story of Alvis by Chris Rose

The Story of Alvis by Chris Rose

Alvis was a dark elf. People did not like his folk. They believed that all the existing elves were greedy and unfriendly. But Alvis decided to change everything. He told many other elves they were as good as other people. He was going to prove it and marry the daughter of Thor. Of course, everyone was laughing at him. No one believed that an elf could come to terms with the formidable and powerful God of Thunder. Alvis waited for the night and crept over the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. Soon he met a big and strong man with a red beard in the clothes of a farmer. He got into conversation with this man and said that he wanted to marry Thor’s daughter. Elvis was convinced that the farmer could not be a god. He did not know that it was Thor himself.

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The Story of Alvis by Chris Rose

Alvis was a dark elf. Nobody liked the dark elves. They were greedy people, and very unfriendly. But Alvis did not think this. ‘A dark elf is as good as any other man,’ he said to the other dark elves. ‘Or a god!’

The other elves laughed at him. ‘We’re greedy people,’ they said. ‘And unfriendly. We like being greedy and unfriendly!’ They all laughed more.

‘That’s true,’ said Alvis. ‘But I’ll show you that even if I am a dark elf, I can marry the daughter of a god!’

‘The daughter of a god!’ said the other elves. ‘Who?’

‘I’m going to marry Thor’s daughter, Thrud,’ he said. ‘You’re going to marry Thrud!’ said the dark elves. ‘That’s impossible! How can you do that?’

‘I’ll show you!’ said Alvis. He waited until it was dark (because dark elves only go out at night), crossed the Bifrost bridge and went up into Asgard. As soon as he was in Asgard, a big man stopped him.

The Story of Alvis by Chris Rose

‘Where are you going?’ the man asked him. ‘We don’t like dark elves here in Asgard.’

Alvis was not worried, or afraid. He thought that this man couldn’t be a god. This man was very big and strong, that was true. But he had a big, red beard and did not look very intelligent. He looked like a farmer.

‘I’m going to meet Thor,’ said Alvis.

‘Oh really?’ said the man. ‘And why do you want to meet Thor?’ he asked.

‘I’m going to marry his daughter, Thrud,’ said Alvis. ‘I’ve come up here so I can take her home with me.’

What Alvis did not know was that this farmer was really Thor himself. Usually, Thor was not very intelligent, and he became angry very quickly. But today, Thor did not become angry. This time, Thor decided to be intelligent like his father Odin. ‘This little elf doesn’t know who I am,’ thought Thor. ‘I can have some fun with him…’

‘What’s your name?’ Thor asked the elf.

‘My name is Alvis! I’m a dark elf!’ he said.

‘I thought so,’ said Thor. ‘People don’t like dark elves. Dark elves are greedy and unfriendly.’…

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