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The Tale of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby by George Gibson

Each summer is hot in the south of America, but this summer turned out to be very hot. The August was warmer than usual. All the animals on the plantation were having a rest. Fox was sitting quietly in the shade of a huge tree and drinking cold lemonade. Everything was great, except one thing. It was Rabbit. Fox did not like Rabbit. However, no one loved him. This guy was a lover of dubious jokes and could play a trick on anyone. Before his appearance, the plantation was a quiet, cozy place, but Rabbit came out of nowhere and tricked Fox, Bear, Turtle and Wolf. His best joke was a scarecrow of resin in a straw hat. He put it in front of Fox’s house. Of course, Fox stuck to the man of resin. Since that time, he had been disliking Rabbit.

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The Tale of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby by George Gibson

It was a hot day in August. Summer is a very hot season in the South of the United States. All the animals on the old plantation had a rest.

Brer Fox was outside his house. He sat under a magnolia tree and drank cold lemonade. He was very hot. He was also angry and nervous.

Brer Fox didn’t like Brer Rabbit. Before Brer Rabbit came to the old plantation, Brer Fox was a happy fox. The old plantation was a peaceful place. Brer Rabbit tricked everyone. He tricked Brer Bear, Brer Turtle, Brer Wolf and Brer Fox. Brer Rabbit was a very intelligent rabbit. He was young and dressed well.

Brer Fox was tired of Brer Rabbit. He decided to trick him. He went to his garden and took a big bucket of tar. He put other oils in the bucket too. Then he mixed the tar for a long time. The tar had a terrible odour, It was very sticky.

Brer Fox went into his house. He went to the kitchen to look for an old straw hat, but he didn’t find it. Then he went to the living room. He looked there too. Finally he went to the bedroom. In the bedroom he found an old straw hat, two buttons and a comb. He put them in a sack. Then he took the bucket of tar and walked to the road.

He threw the tar near a log and made a big black Tar Baby. He put the old straw hat on the Tar Baby. He put on two buttons for the eyes. Then he put on the comb for the mouth. Brer Fox looked at his work and was happy.

The Tale of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby by George Gibson

The Tar Baby was ready! Brer Fox hid behind a big tree. He waited for Brer Rabbit to walk by. He waited and waited. It was very hot.

After an hour Brer Rabbit walked down the road. He was very happy. He walked, jumped and sang a song.

Brer Fox watched him from behind the tree. Suddenly Brer Rabbit saw the Tar Baby! He stopped and looked at it. Brer Rabbit was a friendly rabbit. He said, “Good morning! It’s a hot day today!”

The Tar Baby smiled but didn’t answer.

“I am from the old plantation,” said Brer Rabbit. “Where are you from?”

The Tar Baby smiled but didn’t answer.

Brer Fox watched everything from behind the tree. He wanted to laugh, but he didn’t.

Brer Rabbit tried again. “Good morning! How are you?”…

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