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The True Story of Pocahontas by Kelly Reinhart

This is a story about a strong love that would overcome all obstacles and even stop a bloody war. Pocahontas was a native chief’s daughter. She was eleven when, sitting on the top of a cliff, she saw a big ship in the sea approaching the coast. The ship was full of white people who were searching for gold in the New World. All native tribes were certain that war was upon them and would start as soon as the ship would reach the land. But it turned out that the ship dropped anchor only to replenish its freshwater stores. Captain John Smith was chosen as the explorer of the new land. Pocahontas followed John very carefully, trying to find out what he really wanted from the natives. The moment their eyes met, they fell in love with each other. Their mutual feelings were so powerful that they had never left each other since then.

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The True Story of Pocahontas by Kelly Reinhart

May was a beautiful month in the land of the Algonquin Indians. There were tall trees and colorful flowers everywhere. The sky and the sea were deep blue.

Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of Chief Powhatan. She was an Indian princess. Chief Powhatan was a powerful chief of the Algonquin tribe.

Pocahontas was eleven years old. She was a lovely young girl with black hair and dark eyes. She wore a buckskin dress and moccasins. She had a feather in her hair.

Pocahontas was always happy. She ran in the forest and danced in the fields. She sat on the hill and looked at the blue sea.

On May 6, 1607, Pocahontas sat on the hill and she saw something strange in the bay. It was a big sailing ship! She was very surprised. The sailing ship was something new. It had big white sails and flags. She looked at it for a long time. Where did it come from? Why was it there? She was very excited.

Pocahontas ran to her village to tell her father and brother the news.

The True Story of Pocahontas by Kelly Reinhart

“Father, father!” she said. “There’s a big sailing ship in the bay! It has white sails and colored flags!”

Her father, Chief Powhatan, was outside his longhouse. He was a tall man, with long black hair. He wore the feathers of an Indian chief on his head. He listened to the news, but he was not happy.

“The white men are here,” Powhatan said sadly. “This is bad news for our people. There is no peace with the white men here.”

Nantaquas was Pocahontas’ brother. He was eighteen years old. He was a strong Indian warrior. He looked at his sister and said, “In the past the white people killed the Indians. They want to take our land.”

“Oh, Nantaquas, let’s go to see the white people. Let’s go to see their big ship!” said Pocahontas.

“You can go to see them, but don’t go near the ship. Stay far away! Be careful!” said Powhatan. “Remember, Pocahontas, white men are dangerous.”

Nantaquas and Pocahontas went to the river. There were many canoes near the river. They got into a small canoe. Then Nantaquas paddled down the river to the bay. In the bay they saw the big sailing ship. There was a tall, white man on the ship. He smiled at them. There were other white men too. They all looked at the small canoe and at the two Indians…

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