The Watchers by Jennifer Bassett

The Watchers by Jennifer Bassett

In the caves under the famous Palace of Knossos in Crete, the watchers sit. They watch the gold statue of Poseidon, god of the sea. Jim and Stella, an English brother and sister on holiday on Crete, and Nikos, their Cretan friend, go into the caves. But the watchers are waiting for them…

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The Watchers by Jennifer Bassett

My name is Taras. I am old…

3,000 years old. I sit here, under the Palace of Knossos. My sister, Aketa, sits next to me. She, too, is old. 3,000 years.

We do not eat, we do not drink, and our eyes never close. Are we dead, or alive? It is not important. We sit, and we wait. And we watch. For 3,000 years. We are the Watchers.

The god is here, too. The god Poseidon, god of the sea, stands here in this hall. We watch his statue. It is gold, all gold. He stands here, five meters tall. His arms are gold, his hair is gold, his face is gold. And his gold eyes shine in this dark hall. We are his Watchers.

The Watchers by Jennifer Bassett

Jim and Stella, his sister, are on holiday in Greece. They are staying at a hotel in Iraklion, on Crete. They are talking to their friend, Nikos. Nikos is a Cretan and lives near the Palace of Knossos.

‘What are we going to do tomorrow? Can we go to Knossos?’

‘Yes. Why not? It’s a very famous place. And very, very old. About 3,000 or 4,000 years old.’

‘Yes, I’d like to…’

‘Stella! Look at this. If’s about Knossos. It’s very interesting.’


10 August

Caves Under Knossos Iraklion, Crete

UNDER the famous Palace of Knossos there are many caves. Some of these caves are very big, and some are many, many meters under the ground. What is in these caves? Nobody knows The caves are very dangerous.

Next week Yannis Papadakis is going to…

‘We’re going to find these caves, Stella! Are you coming with us, Nikos?’

‘But Jim…’

‘Yes, yes, I’m coming with you. You can stay with me at my mother’s house near Knossos.’

‘Good. We’re going to need a lot of things. Lights. And food and water. And we need…’

‘Yes, but it’s OK. I can get everything.

‘Jim, the caves are dangerous.’

‘Yes, but Nikos knows a lot about caves.’

‘Yes, I do. And I know the Palace of Knossos very well. Don’t forget… I work there!’

‘But do you know these caves under Knossos?’…

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