The White Birds by Jane Rollason

The White Birds by Jane Rollason

One king had nine sons and a daughter. His wife died while giving birth to Eliza – the youngest child. The children were beautiful, smart and happy. Soon the king fell in love with another woman and married her. The new queen was a wicked and envious woman. She hated the king’s children. But he always believed his wife. Love deprived his mind, as it happens to many people. Once the queen decided to get rid of the children. She took them outside the city wall and turned them into birds. The queen ordered them to fly to other lands and find a new home. The enchanted princes flew away and made nests in the trees near the sea. When Eliza found out about this – she ran away from home. The youngest sister firmly decided to find her brothers.

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The White Birds by Jane Rollason

Once there was a king with ten sons and one daughter. Their mother died when the daughter, Elisa, was born. They were very good, happy children.

Then the king fell in love with another woman and he married her. He loved his new queen and in his eyes she was always right. But she was a bad, jealous woman. She hated the king’s ten sons, and she wanted to send them away. Love made the king stupid. It can make everybody stupid.

The White Birds by Jane Rollason

The poor old king sadly said goodbye to his sons. Then the queen took them outside the city walls. She said some magic words and changed the ten boys into ten white birds.

‘Fly away to another country,’ she said. ‘Make your homes in treetops. Find your food on the ground.’

And the ten brothers flew high into the sky and away over mountains and rivers. They came to a great sea and they made their home in some trees next to it.

When Elisa learned about her brothers, she ran away from the king’s house. She cried for hours. She walked for days. She did not use her eyes – she followed her love for her brothers. ‘One day I will find them,’ she thought. And her love took her near their home by the great sea.

Night came and Elisa fell asleep under a tree. All night the fairies watched her and no dangerous animal came near her. The next morning she walked again. She met an old woman.

‘What are you doing here? Can’t a brother or friend help you?’ asked the old woman. She gave Elisa some good food.

Elisa told her the story of her brothers. ‘I am looking for ten fine princes on ten white horses,’ she said. ‘Do you know of them?’

‘Ten princes?’ said the woman. ‘No, but I saw ten white birds this morning. They had gold feet and jewels for eyes. Perhaps they were princes. They were by the river.’

She took Elisa to the river. Elisa followed the river to the great sea. She saw ten fine white birds. Their gold feet and jewel-eyes shone in the sun. All round her Elisa saw pretty flowers and beautiful trees.

Elisa built a small house from sticks. She found flowers and put them round the walls. When she came back, she found bread, eggs and fish near the door.

That night her brothers came to her. She cried. ‘Don’t be sad,’ they said. ‘We’ll tell you some stories.’ Their stories were funny and after a time she smiled. Then she laughed….

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