Novels Pre-intermediate

The Yellow Face by Conan Doyle

It happed in spring when Sherlock was walking in the park with his friend Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes suffered from tedium without work. At that time at Sherlock’s house had come strange guest and forgot his pipe. Returned home and looked at this thing, Holmes described this person exactly he was. His strange visitor was Mr. Grant Munro, he was a merchant of tobacco. Once his wife Effie went out, and returned very pale and panted. Munro didn’t know what Effie did at the highway at 3 a.m. He asked Holms to looked into this case because thought that his wife deceived him. She had been from America and had a husband and a daughter. But they had died.

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The Yellow Face by Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes did not like aimless physical exercise, but one spring day I persuaded him to go for a walk with me in the park. We walked for two hours, and it was almost five when we returned to Baker Street.

‘I beg your pardon, sir,’ said our page-boy, as we entered, ‘there was a man waiting for you. He was a very restless gentleman. He walked all around the room saying, “Isn’t Mr Holmes going to return?” Finally he left.’

The Yellow Face by Conan Doyle

‘You see,’ Holmes said to me, ‘I needed a case, and now I have lost this one because we went for a walk in the park.’

‘Hullo! That’s not your pipe on the table. Well, that man must have a very big problem because he left his pipe. It is obvious that he likes this particular pipe very much.’

‘How do you know that he likes it very much?’ I asked.

‘Well,’ explained Holmes, ‘I think this pipe costs around seven-and-sixpence. Now. look it has been mended twice with silver bands that probably cost more than the pipe itself. So, this man must like his pipe very much if he prefers to mend it instead of buying a new one with the same money.’

Just then, as Holmes was talking, we heard someone walking up the stairs, and then a man walked into the room without knocking.

‘I beg your pardon,’ said the man, ‘I should have knocked, but I am very upset, and I need help.’

The man then took off his hat, and sat down on a chair.

‘My dear Mr Grant Munro…’ began Holmes.

Our visitor jumped from his chair. ‘What!’ he cried. ‘You know my name?’

‘If you want to preserve your incognito,’ said Holmes smiling, ‘then you should not write your name on the inside of your hat, or else you should turn the inside of your hat away from the person whom you are addressing.’

‘Anyway, my friend and I have heard many strange secrets in this room, and we have had the fortune to help many people. Please tell us the facts of your case…

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