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Thor and the Giants by Chris Rose

It was a quiet and sunny day in the early summer. Thor and Loki were strolling around Asgard. Thor was bored. Thor did not like to rest and laze, he adored only one thing – fighting with the giants. He told Loki about that. Loki tried to convince Thor that Asgard was the most beautiful place in the universe and it was a great opportunity just to relax and enjoy the views. All his words were for nothing. Thor was not very interested. He was ready to harness the goats into the cart and fly to fight with the giants. His soul demanded something militant. After all, the giants themselves could appear in the land of Gods at any time and cause a lot of problems. Loki was not too convincing and he had to go on this dangerous journey with Thor.

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Thor and the Giants by Chris Rose

It was the beginning of the summer, and Thor was bored.

‘I’m bored!’ he said to Loki.

‘But this is Asgard!’ said Loki. ‘It’s the most beautiful place in all of Yggdrasil.’

‘Yes, but it’s quiet here,’ replied Thor. ‘Too quiet.’

‘So what do you want to do?’ asked Loki.

‘I think I should go and fight some giants!’ he said. ‘There are too many giants.’

‘But if the giants are quiet, why don’t we leave them alone?’ asked Loki.

‘Sooner or later they’ll make trouble for us!’ said Thor.

Thor and the Giants by Chris Rose

Loki did not think this was a good idea, but he knew that when Thor decided something it was impossible to stop him. ‘Very well, then,’ he said. ‘But remember this, Thor – you need to be clever to fight giants. And you’re not always very intelligent, are you?’

‘That’s ridiculous!’ replied Thor. ‘I was clever when I stopped the dark elf Alvis from marrying my daughter.’

‘Yes, that’s true,’ said Loki. ‘But that doesn’t happen often. If you’re going to fight giants, then I think I should come with you!’

‘I’m not sure about that, Loki,’ replied Thor. ‘You might start playing some of your tricks.’

‘I promise I won’t play any tricks,’ said Loki.

‘Very well then!’ said Thor. ‘Together we’ll be able to fight all the giants! Come on. Let’s go! Right now!’

‘It’s late now,’ said Loki. ‘We should wait until early tomorrow. Then we’ll have a day to travel to the country of the giants.’

Thor agreed, and the next morning they took Thor’s chariot and put the two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr in front of it. Thor’s two goats were very special: they were very strong goats, so they could pull Thor’s chariot through the sky. But at the end of each day, Thor killed and ate them. The next day, they came back to life.

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr pulled Thor and Loki across the sky. They flew above Asgard, and looked down.

‘Look how beautiful it is!’ said Loki.

‘Yes, it is,’ said Thor. ‘But I want to go and fight some giants! Come on, quick!’ he shouted to the goats. They travelled all day, but when night came, they were still in Midgard, the country of the humans…

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