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Tildy’s Moment by O. Henry

A small family restaurant is not the most famous or posh place in the city. Most clients are people who need an inexpensive but tasty food. Large portions for hungry men. The restaurant owner personally works in the hall and accepts money from guests. There are also two waitresses working there: a tall and beautiful woman and a low, fat partner who looks like a gnome. Mostly men visit the restaurant. Certainly, they love the tall beautiful girl more. They enjoy talking to her and just watching. She is able to support any conversation and to be pleasant and sweet. The young girl often receives expensive gifts from the customers. Nobody pays attention to the short fat waitress. Men do not want to talk to her and, of course, do not give gifts. She is just a good waitress, but that is not enough.

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Tildy’s Moment by O. Henry

Bogle’s Family Restaurant on Eighth Avenue is not a famous place, but if you need a large cheap meal, then Bogle’s is the place for you. There are twelve tables in the room, six on each side. Bogle himself sits at the desk by the door and takes the money. There are also two waitresses and a Voice. The Voice comes from the kitchen.

Tildy's Moment by O. Henry

At the time of my story, one of the waitresses was called Aileen. She was tall, beautiful and full of life. The name of the other waitress was Tildy. She was small, fat and was not beautiful.

Most of the people who came to eat at Bogle’s were men, and they loved the beautiful Aileen. They were happy to wait a long time for their meals because they could look at her. Aileen knew how to hold a conversation with twelve people and work hard at the same time. And all the men wanted to take Aileen dancing or give her presents. One gave her a gold ring and one gave her a little dog.

And poor Tildy?

In the busy, noisy restaurant men’s eyes did not follow Tildy. Nobody laughed and talked with her. Nobody asked her to go dancing, and nobody gave her presents. She was a good waitress, but when she stood by the tables, the men looked round her to see Aileen.

But Tildy was happy to work with no thanks, she was happy to see the men with Aileen, she was happy to know that the men loved Aileen. She was Aileen’s friend. But deep inside, she, too, wanted a man to love her.

Tildy listened to all Aileen’s stories. One day Aileen came in with a black eye. A man hit her because she did not want to kiss him. ‘How wonderful to have a black eye for love!’ Tildy thought.

One of the men who came to Bogle’s was a young man called Mr Seeders. He was a small, thin man, and he worked in an office. He knew that Aileen was not interested in him, so he sat at one of Tildy’s tables, said nothing, and ate his fish.

One day when Mr Seeders came in for his meal, he drank too much beer. He finished his fish, got up, put his arm round Tildy, kissed her loudly, and walked out of the restaurant….

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