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Titanic by Tim Vicary

In April 1912 a new British ship set sail for the first time. Her name was Titanic. She was big, fast and beautiful. The naval architects were very proud. They said the Titanic was the safest ship in the world. She was unsinkable. The passengers felt happy. Some of them enjoyed the luxury of the Titanic, others hoped to get to America and start a new life there. But their excitement was not to last long. Just in several days the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The tragedy took over 1,500 lives. People still wonder how this could happen to seemingly the safest ship in the world. This book is an attempt to give a detailed description of the disaster. It introduces us to the real passengers and crew members of the Titanic telling their stories and allowing us to go through the terror of that historic night.

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Titanic by Tim Vicary

It was 1 September 1985. Under a ship in the North Atlantic, a camera moved through the dark water. Slowly, the camera went down – 1,000 metres, 2,000 metres, 3,000 metres under the sea. On the ship, some sailors waited and watched. Nobody spoke. Then, suddenly, they saw something.

Titanic by Tim Vicary

‘There it is!’


‘There – look, I can see it!’

‘Yes, you’re right! It’s the Titanic!’

With the camera, the sailors could see a ship 3,810 metres under the water. It was a very big, old ship, and it was in two halves. They could see the front half of the ship with their camera, but the back half of the ship was 800 metres away.

The sailors were all very happy. They took lots of photographs. The next year they came back with more cameras. The cameras went down under the sea and looked at the ship more carefully. They went all round the ship, and took hundreds of photos. Some of the cameras went into the ship too, through the windows. Later there was a film about the ship. People all over the world watched the film, and saw the photographs in newspapers.

But who built the Titanic? What happened to it? Why did it break in two halves, and sink to the bottom of the sea? And what about the people on this ship? What were they like, and what happened to them?

This is the story of the Titanic…

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