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Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo

Life doesn’t seem very happy for a typist in a big office. And if the earnings are very small, then this is a real problem. The main character of this book cannot even buy a pair of new high-quality shoes. But every girl needs beautiful shoes. Besides that, she needs a beautiful and rich man with a fast and powerful car. He should also have a wallet, full of money. Mercy manages to find a boyfriend who meets all these requirements. But her sister, intelligent and sensible Connie, does not approve her decision. Older sister is long married and clearly understands life. At the end of the day, Mercy puts her typewriter in the bag and goes home. She thinks about her sister – the girl is confident that Connie does not understand anything and is just jealous of her.

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Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo

Life is not much fun if you work as a typist in an office, and you earn so little that you can’t even buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. A girl needs shoes. A girl needs a boyfriend with a nice fast car, and a nice fat wallet.

So Mercy finds a boyfriend who suits her needs. The trouble is, her big sister – sensible, married Connie – won’t like it at all…

Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo

As Mercy puts the cover on her typewriter, the thought of the bus ride home goes through her like a pain. It is her luck, she thinks. Everything is just her luck. If she had one of those university boys for a boyfriend, wouldn’t he come and take her home every evening? Certainly, Joe would love to do exactly that – with his taxi. And he is as handsome as anything, and a good man, but you know… A taxi is a taxi. The possibility of the other man actually coming to fetch her – oh well. She knows it will take some time before she’ll be brave enough to ask for things like that from him. But it’s hard not to think about it. Would it really be so dangerous? Doesn’t one government car look like another – the hugeness of it, the dark glass, the driver in uniform? She can already see herself stepping out of the car to greet the other girls, who look at her with eyes like knives. To begin with, she will be a little more careful. The driver can drop her under the neem trees in the morning and pick her up from there in the evening… anyway, she will have to wait a little while for that and it is just her bad luck.

So for the meantime it is going to be the local bus with its dirty seats, unpleasant passengers, and rude conductors… Jesus! She doesn’t wish herself dead or anything as stupidly final as that. Oh no. She just wishes she could sleep deep and only wake up on the day of her first car ride to work.

The new pair of black shoes are more sensible than their owner, though. As she walks out of the office, they sing: Count, count, count your blessings….

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