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Urban Myths by Phil Healey

The creators of this collection were just simple guys. They enjoyed collecting and retelling funny local tales. Later they started printing them in the “Guardian” – the famous London newspaper. The stories were quite strange and made the readers laugh. In ten years the authors chose the best tales and published a book “Urban Myths”. The book became very popular. Nowadays you can hear these stories on the radio or TV. “Urban Myths” consists of many city stories. Their plot is similar to many stories which are in almost every city on the planet. But it’s just a fiction. One can learn one and the same story in different countries. Only the characters will have absolutely various local names.

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Urban Myths by Phil Healey

Billy, a young man from London, had no job. He lived with his mother, Mrs Harris. One day he asked her, ‘How can I get a job?’

‘Look in the newspaper,’ she answered. So he bought a paper and looked for jobs.

There were a lot of jobs in London. He read the paper from front to back but most of them were not right for him. Suddenly he saw a good job in an office so he wrote a letter to the boss of the office and sent it. A week later he got a letter from the boss, Mr Davidson. He showed the letter to his mother: ‘Please come to my office next Monday. I want to meet you and we can talk about the job.’ Mrs Harris was quite excited and Billy was happy – but he was also very nervous.

Urban Myths by Phil Healey

On the Monday morning Billy got up early and had breakfast. He left the house and went to Mr Davidson’s office. There were seven people there for one job. Mr Davidson asked him to come into his office and the other six people waited outside. He asked Billy a lot of questions – he was nervous and he answered the questions badly When Mr Davidson finished he smiled at Billy and said, ‘Thank you, Mr Harris. Please wait outside.’

Billy thought, ‘I didn’t answer all those questions very well.’

He stood up and walked to the door… but he made a mistake. It wasn’t the door out of the office – it was a cupboard!

‘What can I do now? Do I stay in the cupboard and wait or do I go back into the office?’ he thought. ‘Perhaps I’ll stay here and wait. When they’re all gone I can come out again.’

Mr Davidson spoke to the other six people and one by one they went out. At five o’clock Mr Davidson went home. Billy didn’t know the time so he stayed in the cupboard. He was very tired and he went to sleep. He slept for a long time.

Next morning the cleaner came in. She opened the door of the cupboard and found Billy.

‘What are you doing here?’ she asked.

‘I came here for a job. Did I get it, do you know?…







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